2018 Conservation Scorecard


Colorado’s growing population needs safe, fast, and convenient ways to get around. We are focused on making sure our transportation system is designed to move people, not just cars, in ways that meet all of our communities’ needs and reduces air pollution.

Charging Up Electric Vehicles

Although the Trump administration is moving to weaken vehicle emissions standards, low emission and electric vehicles are still a growing part of Colorado’s economy and future. Colorado is one of the best states in the country to buy an electric vehicle thanks to a tax credit the legislature passed a few years ago. Fortunately, an effort to undo that credit failed this year!

Despite support for electric vehicles from Coloradans across the state, a bill with strong bipartisan sponsorship didn’t even make it out of its first Senate committee. This bill (SB 216) would have allowed utility companies to help build more charging stations, which are needed to make it easier to drive an electric vehicle without worrying about where to charge it.

Meanwhile, electric cars are gaining momentum in Colorado. Governor Hickenlooper committed to getting 1 million electric vehicles onto our roads by 2030, and this June, he opened the door to adopting clean car standards to reduce smog-forming pollutants from cars. In order to keep this trend moving to clean our air, protect public health, and save money for consumers, we need the state legislature to step up for clean cars.

Bills Tracked

SB 001, Transportation Infrastructure Funding

As Colorado’s population has boomed, funding for transportation has stagnated — leaving our transportation needs unmet for decades. A true compromise, this transportation funding bill includes flexible, statewide funding that invests in transit, bike, and pedestrian options as well as highways and roads. Because of the advocacy of conservation-minded Coloradans, SB 001 provides for all parts of the state in ways that effectively decrease congestion, create equity, and reduce air pollution. Note: The scored Senate vote is the concurrence vote; the scored House vote is the third reading.

Pro-Environment Vote: YES

Bill Sponsors: Senators Randy Baumgardner and John Cooke, Representatives Perry Buck and Faith Winter

House Vote: Passed 36-29

Senate Vote: Passed 35-0

Signed by the Governor: May 31, 2018

HB 1107, Prewire Residence For Electric Vehicle Charging Port

Builders of new residences are already required to offer a “solar prewire” option to purchasers of newly constructed homes. This bill would have added a requirement for builders to offer homebuyers the option to install electric vehicle charging systems, both for houses and in condominium buildings, saving customers time and money.

Pro-Environment Vote: YES

Bill Sponsors: Representatives Mike Weissman and Senator Kevin Priola

House Vote: Passed 34-28

Senate: Failed in Transportation Committee

SB 047, Repeal Tax Credits Innovative Vehicles

This bill was an attempt to repeal Colorado’s tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs) — credits that have made our state one of the best in the country to purchase an EV. These credits have propelled Colorado into the top ten states for EV market share, helped consumers save money on fuel, and boosted our economy.

Pro-Environment Vote: NO

Bill Sponsors: Senator Vicki Marble, Representative Lori Saine

Senate Vote: Passed 18-16

House: Failed in Transportation and Energy Committee

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