2022 Conservation Scorecard

You care about Colorado’s environmental legacy.

Do Your Legislators?

The Conservation Scorecard provides an overview of the 2022 legislative session and the environment. In it you will find factual, nonpartisan information on the priorities of the conservation community and a record of how each member of the state legislature voted on those priority bills that affect Colorado’s climate, land, water, and communities.

Find out how your elected officials voted, and see how well their votes align with your conservation values. Then call or write to your legislators and let them know that you’re paying attention to their environmental scores!

Conservation Colorado turns conservation values into real change for Colorado.

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As this year’s legislative session began, we pointed to 2021’s dirty air days, hotter temperatures, drought, and the worst wildfire in Colorado history as a call for our leaders to take action. From day one, we highlighted the important role that our state leaders play in protecting our air, lands, water, and communities.

We are excited by the important progress that we made this legislative session. Thanks to your voice, advocacy, and partnership, we passed policies that will clean up our air, help us hit our climate targets, reduce water pollution, and advance environmental, racial, and economic justice.

In addition to marking the importance of these new laws, our 2022 legislative scorecard both recognizes legislators who are champions for Colorado's environment and communities, and educates about where leaders have fallen short on protecting Colorado's future. In each case, I encourage you to reach out to our elected leaders to ensure they know that you want pro-climate and pro-conservation action.

For Colorado,

Kelly Nordini
Executive Director

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