2018 Conservation Scorecard

Repeal Tax Credits Innovative Vehicles

No is the pro-environment vote.

This bill was an attempt to repeal Colorado’s tax credits for electric vehicles (EVs) — credits that have made our state the best in the country to purchase an EV. These credits have propelled Colorado into the top ten states for EV market share, helped consumers save money on fuel, and boosted our economy.

Pro-Environment VoteAnti-Environment VoteExcused100% Environmental Voting Record in 2018

Senate Votes

SenatorParty - DistrictVote
Senator whose score is 100%Aguilar, IreneDemocrat - 32Pro-Environment Vote
Baumgardner, RandyRepublican - 8Anti-Environment Vote
Cooke, JohnRepublican - 13Anti-Environment Vote
Coram, DonRepublican - 6Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Court, LoisDemocrat - 31Pro-Environment Vote
Crowder, LarryRepublican - 35Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Donovan, KerryDemocrat - 5Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Fenberg, SteveDemocrat - 18Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Fields, RhondaDemocrat - 29Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Garcia, LeroyDemocrat - 3Pro-Environment Vote
Gardner, BobRepublican - 12Anti-Environment Vote
Grantham, KevinRepublican - 2Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Guzman, LuciaDemocrat - 34Pro-Environment Vote
Hill, OwenRepublican - 10Anti-Environment Vote
Holbert, ChrisRepublican - 30Anti-Environment Vote
Jahn, CheriUnaffiliated - 20Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Jones, MattDemocrat - 17Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Kagan, DanielDemocrat - 26Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Kefalas, JohnDemocrat - 14Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Kerr, AndyDemocrat - 22Pro-Environment Vote
Lambert, KentRepublican - 9Anti-Environment Vote
Lundberg, KevinRepublican - 15Anti-Environment Vote
Marble, VickiRepublican - 23Anti-Environment Vote
Martinez Humenik, BethRepublican - 24Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Merrifield, MichaelDemocrat - 11Pro-Environment Vote
Moreno, DominickDemocrat - 21Pro-Environment Vote
Neville, TimRepublican - 16Anti-Environment Vote
Priola, KevinRepublican - 25Excused
Scott, RayRepublican - 7Anti-Environment Vote
Smallwood, JimRepublican - 4Anti-Environment Vote
Sonnenberg, JerryRepublican - 1Anti-Environment Vote
Tate, JackRepublican - 27Anti-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Todd, NancyDemocrat - 28Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Williams, AngelaDemocrat - 33Pro-Environment Vote
Senator whose score is 100%Zenzinger, RachelDemocrat - 19Pro-Environment Vote

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