2017 Colorado Legislative Conservation Scorecard

You care about Colorado’s environmental legacy.

Do Your Legislators?

The Colorado Legislative Conservation Scorecard highlights the priorities of the conservation community for the 2017 legislative session. Here, you will find factual, nonpartisan information on bills related to our environment and how each member of the state legislature voted on issues that affect Colorado’s air, land, water, and people.

Find out how your elected officials voted, and see how well their votes align with your conservation values. Then call or write to your legislators and let them know you’re paying attention to their environmental scores!

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The beginning of the Trump administration has been characterized by attacks on our clean air, water, public lands, and communities. When the president and his administration insist on rolling back important environmental protections, we must make progress where we can.

This means that making change on the state level is more important than ever. States like Colorado must take the lead to protect our values, environment, and way of life.

Fortunately, thanks to your help sending emails, making calls, and spreading the word on important bills, we were able to make a big impact in the Colorado state legislature this year. From saving energy to keeping drinking water safe for our children, we had several significant wins that will be felt across the state.

But the fight continues. We had a number of other chances to make important changes for our communities, but unfortunately we were met with ideological resistance from a handful of legislators. Several key bills were stalled or killed, from investments in safer and more environmentally-friendly transportation to commonsense measures to better protect communities facing the impacts of oil and gas drilling.

That’s why we are counting on you to help keep up the fight. Whether it’s testifying at the Capitol or sending a message to your legislator, we need everyone’s help to protect our environment and way of life. And of course, we are already looking ahead to electing a pro-conservation majority in the state Senate in 2018. Elections matter for protecting Colorado’s environment, and we’ll need you on our team.

Together, we can continue making meaningful changes to protect our air, land, water, and people, and Colorado can be a leader among states.

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