2022 Conservation Scorecard

Clean Air & Climate Change

In a time when our clean air and climate protections are being threatened from the national level, it’s up to states to take the lead. This year, Colorado legislators had several opportunities to protect our air quality and climate.

Bills Tracked

SB 254 Amendment J055 - State Budget Bill

This amendment to the state budget bill (“the Long Bill”) would have provided mobile air monitoring units to increase the ability of our state oil and gas agency to monitor chemicals emitted from oil and gas sites. This information is important to help establish safe levels of emissions and ensure that companies are complying with all measures to maintain air quality around well sites.

Pro-Environment Vote: YES

Status: Killed on Senate Floor

HB 1366 Measurable Goals Deadlines Colorado Climate Action Plan

In 2015, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper unveiled a state climate action plan, which was an exciting turning point for how his administration talked about climate change. However, this plan lacked detailed goals, actions, or deadlines for reducing carbon pollution. This bill was the second attempt in two years to add specific, measurable goals and deadlines to the climate action plan in order to ensure that the plan has a real impact.

Pro-Environment Vote: YES

Status: Killed in Senate Committee

SB 278 Prohibit Nuisance Exhibition Motor Vehicle Exhaust

When owners tamper with the exhaust system of their vehicles to blow black smoke from their tailpipes, it is called "rolling coal." The sole purpose of this activity is to harass pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers, and it is a public health and safety hazard. This bill makes Colorado the second state in the nation to ban rolling coal, classifying it as a Class A traffic infraction punishable by a $100 fine.

Pro-Environment Vote: YES

Status: Became Law

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