2019 Conservation Scorecard

Climate & Clean Energy

Poor air quality, extreme weather, and other increasing impacts of climate change are threatening what we love most about our state. Colorado’s leaders made tremendous steps in moving our state closer to a just and equitable clean energy future by working to pass a suite of nationally leading climate and clean energy policies.

National Policy Leadership

Colorado’s 2019 legislative session will go down in history as one of the most transformative for climate action of any state in the nation.

Our elected leaders delivered on their commitments to Colorado voters. More than a dozen bills to protect our climate and drive clean energy deployment were passed this session.

This leadership was in direct response to Colorado’s independent voters who selected “energy and the environment” as the most important issue in their choice for governor in 2018.

The new policies that our leaders passed include:

  • Economy-wide climate goals of reducing carbon pollution at least 26 percent by 2025, 50 percent by 2030, and 90 percent by 2050;
  • Strong safeguards in our new climate policies to address lower-income, rural, and disproportionately impacted communities;
  • Establishing the first “just transition” office in the country;
  • Support for utilities, municipalities, and other entities to move towards 100 percent clean electricity;
  • A consideration for the “social cost of carbon” when utilities plan for the future;
  • Direction to state regulators to reduce methane pollution in oil and gas production; and,
  • Some of the highest appliance energy and water efficiency standards in the country.

Thanks to you, Colorado is a leader for the nation once again on fighting climate change.

Bills Tracked

House Bill 1261 | The Climate Action Plan (Climate Action Plan To Reduce Pollution)

Dramatically reducing carbon pollution is key to Colorado swiftly acting on climate change and doing our part to leave a healthy environment for future generations. Colorado’s Climate Action Plan puts our state on a path towards a zero-carbon future by setting science-based targets to reduce Colorado’s carbon pollution 26 percent by 2025, 50 percent by 2030, and 90 percent by 2050 relative to 2005 levels.

Sponsors: Representatives KC Becker and Dominique Jackson, Senators Faith Winter and Angela Williams

House Vote: Passed 39-24

Senate Vote: Passed 18-16

Signed by Governor: May 30, 2019

Pro-Environment Vote: Yes

House Bill 1231 | Energy and Water Efficiency Standards (New Appliance Energy And Water Efficiency Standards)

Efficiency standards drive innovation while saving Coloradans money and reducing pollution. This bill sets new energy and water efficiency standards for many household appliances sold in our state, benefitting Colorado consumers, businesses and our environment. They are some of the strongest standards in the nation.

Sponsors: Representatives Meg Froelich and Cathy Kipp, Senators Pete Lee and Kevin Priola

House Vote: Passed 40-24

Senate Vote: Passed 21-14

Signed by Governor: May 30, 2019

Pro-Environment Vote: Yes

House Bill 1260 | Energy Efficient Building Codes (Building Energy Codes)

With new development comes new opportunities to utilize the most efficient technology available. And with Colorado’s rapid growth, that can mean big energy savings for residents and municipalities. This bill updates the minimum energy code for the construction of buildings so that new homes built in Colorado will be more efficient when it comes to heating, cooling and power-usage.

Sponsors: Representatives Cathy Kipp and Alex Valdez, Senators Faith Winter and Kevin Priola

House Vote: Passed 41-22

Senate Vote: Passd 24-10

Signed by Gov: May 30, 2019

Pro-Environment Vote: Yes

House Bill 1314 | Promoting a Just Transition (Just Transition From Coal-based Electrical Energy Economy)

As Colorado makes its transition to a carbon-free economy, we must ensure the communities and workers most affected by these economic changes are not left behind. This bill addresses the needs of workers and communities transitioning toward a clean energy future by creating the first state office of just transition in the nation as well as setting up the opportunity for grants, workforce training, and other re-employment programs to individuals and communities currently dependent on the coal industry.

Sponsors: Representatives KC Becker and Rochelle Galindo, Senators Faith Winter and Kerry Donovan

House Vote: Passed 40-24

Senate Vote: Passed 19-16

Signed by Governor: May 28, 2019

Pro-Environment Vote: Yes

Senate Bill 236 | Public Utilities Commission Reform (Sunset Public Utilities Commission)

The largest source of carbon pollution in our state comes from generating electricity. This bill will help Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission — the regulatory body responsible for determining which resources to use to power Colorado’s grid — drastically reduce these emissions by directing utilities in the state to generate more carbon-free electricity and consider the “social cost” of carbon when planning future energy projects. This cost, which measures the dollar value of long-term damage caused by carbon pollution, will allow utilities to evaluate the significant economic, health, and environmental benefits of continuing to invest in clean energy projects.

Sponsors: Senators Leroy Garcia and Stephen Fenberg, Representatives Chris Hansen and KC Becker

House Vote: 40-24

Senate Vote: 20-15

Signed by Governor: May 30, 2019

Pro-Environment Vote: Yes

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